What to Expect

We work within a variety of comfort levels to make your body painting experience the best it can be. Painting can be done nude, with pasties and disposable thongs, or bikini tops and bottoms. A head to toe body paint can be as quick as 2 hours with a simple design or as long as 6 hours with complex detail.

We use the term "paint" when referring to body painting, but that is the physical motion, not the material. We use a combination of liquid and solid makeup to create the design. The makeup is water based and hypo-allergenic and easily removed with soap and water. The work can be sealed with powder and a sealing spray to help preserve the design. However, this does not make the work waterproof.

After the face is complete, there will be a lot of standing until the design is done. With a head to toe paint, sitting needs to be limited while the design is applied to help preserve the work. Using a sealing spray will help the life of the design, but thinning will occur in contact points.

What to Bring

We recommend you bring the following for your body paint:

  • a robe to use for breaks or to throw on if you get cold
  • soft soled sandals/flip flops for walking around
  • water and snacks, especially for a head to toe body paint

We supply the following materials when doing a body or face paint:

  • sanitized brushes, sponges and airbrushes
  • theatrical grade makeup
  • powder, sealant, glitter, gems, and lashes to help complete your look
  • for your comfort, if you would like to use a disposable thongs and/or pasties, they are available and on hand

Unfortuantely, at this time, we are without shower facilities. That just means you go home looking extra awesome.

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