The mirror room at the Happy Place with Artistic Andreea.

Artistic Andreea at the Happy Place
Artistic Andreea at the Happy Place

Geode Shoot

Working with rubber glass and body paint last week to create a Geode effect on Artistic Andreea.


Red Riding Hood

Incredible Red Riding Hood cosplay by Artistic Andreea. All items have been handmade from scratch. A beautiful outdoor portrait.

Jasmin Cosplay From Aladdin

Got to work with Artistic Andreea yesterday and she had done a stellar job creating wardrobe from scratch, doing hair and makeup and styling the look with props. Another amazing shoot  and we managed to stay out of the way of rain clouds.

Web site redesign

I have been meaning to update and modernize my web site for some time and have finally taken the plunge with this new look. I love some of the modernized widgets and the overall look and feel of the site is greatly improved.